US Grand Prix in 2012

For all car racing fans all over the world, if you are pumped up with all the racetrack action, wait till you hear another great news for Formula One. Apparently, they have another one up their sleeve with the announcement of the comeback of F1 in the US soil in 2012. It is still far too early to rejoice and get excited, I know, but can’t help but think of the great possibilities and bigger and better action to look forward to. This news definitely created quite a stir among racing fans, teams, and marketing productions. This is a major event that will not only generate electrifying excitement, but rake in serious revenues for the stakeholders.

This new development was actually the brainchild of Formula One Group CEO Bernie Ecclestone and Tavo Hellmund, who happens to be the managing partner of Full Throttle Productions LP. And where’s the first race, you ask? In Austin, Texas. Now, why Austin? Well, Hellmund considers Austin as the ultimate venue for this grand homecoming of sorts. For one, the city has been cited numerous times for its tremendous growth and development over the years. There is also the fact that it is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies. There is also the consideration of accessibility, since Austin can be easily reached by South and Central states. So American racing fans, start marking those calendars.

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