Ultrabook vs Laptop vs Notebook vs Netbook… What’s the main difference?

Books have been an efficient man’s best friend since its creation in history and in the way of technology; books have rapidly changed from paper to electronics. The previous books, called “netbooks” are smaller version of laptops and are truly admired by many because of its portability yet offers equal efficiency laptops and desktops do. But now, a new set of breed of books is out in the market and has successfully followed the footsteps of their primary model, MacBook Air- they are called the Ultrabooks.

An Ultrabook is a higher-end type of subnotebook defined by Intel. The best way to think of an Ultrabook is a Mac Book Air that isn’t made by Apple, a netbook that isn’t underpowered or a laptop that’s been on a crash diet. Ultrabooks all own a Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, a built-in fast SSD storage and USB 3.0 connectivity.

This pronouncement of Intel has opened the doors for computer developers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, LG, Samsung, Lenovo and Toshiba make their own versions of the so-called ultrabook. Each has their own perspectives in making one, whether they go with the thickest of up to 17.5 mm or to the thinnest that could go down to 3mm. Price for these book wonders are still on its peak because of the freshness and newness it has. It is marked $999 and shall be expected in the market to go down with $600-$800 value. Intel is pretty confident that it would get 40% of the market this year which of course is not far to happen because of the technology, convenience and efficiency it features and packaged into one slim and portable ultrabook. Well, you consumers shall just wait in your respective places for these ultrabooks to be available to your areas.


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