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As part of the preparation for InfoHub.Ph’s launch early next year, we are in search for a travel writer. We have been getting a whole lot of applications to date, and it took time to screen through the CVs . I think most applicants are attracted to the idea of traveling to key destinations spots. There is that, but there are also a lot of responsibilities entailed in this position. So I am basically looking for someone who share the same eagerness to explore and discover the beautiful hotspots, but most importantly, someone who can can focus on the task at hand.

Since, most of the trips will be limited to 2-3 days, the writer should conduct extensive research on the place, prepare the itinerary, and plan the activities ahead. With the limited time, it is important to have everything anticipated and covered. So aside from exceptional writing skills, the candidate should possess flair for organizing trips.

I will be mainly focus on photography and conceptualization for the site. The writer will of course prepare the content and provide constant update. The travel writer job will also entail interfacing with resort owners, clients, tourists, and just about the key people you meet on a trip to be able to derive a better perspective of the place from a different sources.

Needless to say, I am excited. I would want to get the ball rolling so to speak. Now if I could just find a qualified travel companion…

For those interested, kindly send resume to

Job Descriptions:
• Must have a knack for writing interesting descriptions and an ability to create interesting visual pictures through the use of words.
• Must be willing to travel at any time and fond of discovering new places
• Excellent communication skills and a strong command of the English language (written & verbal)
• Candidate must be computer literate and proficient in the use of internet
• With pleasing personality
• Strong attention to detail and accuracy
• Ability to prioritize tasks and be flexible
• Good organizational skills
• Must be able to turn around write witty, engaging posts quickly
• A dynamic communicator, who can network and develop strong internal and external relationships.
• High level of organizational, people management and effective time-management skills

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Booking and Managing Airline Travel, hotel accommodations, on-ground transportation, trip details and itinerary.
2. Do research work and organize itinerary, identify tourist attractions, places and establishments of interest. This often requires coordinating with marketing and sales personnel, resort owners, etc.
3. Provide original and highly interesting content for travel website.
4. Assume overall editorial responsibility and control of the website and all relevant content platforms and contributors.
5. Perform additional tasks as assign by immediate head or supervisor.

This is a fulltime work, with office based in Mandaue City, Cebu.

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