The Unique Charm of Baguio

In life, you come across certain places that constantly beckons you back. For me, one of these places is Baguio. Last year, I made a trip to this city twice. The first one I was all by myself for some much needed R & R, and the second one, I brought along my Admin staff for a Leadership Seminar. They too, were captivated by the unique charm of the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

For this visit, I am happy to see most of the flowers are in full bloom. Inviting you to take a leisurely stroll along the city streets, noticing small details that one would not normally notice in the hurried pace we keep back in Cebu. Here, people are mostly on foot.

Baguio is well know for its fruits, flowers and vegetables. So whenever I have a chance to visit here, I make sure to drop by one of my favorite restaurants, Mai Khan Mongolian Grill and Hotpot. Here you get to choose from a buffet of raw vegetables and condiments of your choosing, and cooked fresh. For veggie enthusiasts like me, this is definitely one of the must-visit restaurants in Baguio.

Another equally wonderful restaurant that serves authentic Filipino food is Solibao, which can be found along Session Road.

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