The Psychology of Overspending

Have you felt ever being empty? Like a corner in a house that does not have any thing placed on it? Actually, you shall if your money will leave you alone because of your overspending regimen. Well experts have explanations for that. Why you choose to overspend and not plan for a better future. Everything happens because of psychological reasons. You may not know it, because majority of the reasons why you do things are passive. A study was conducted and has explained why people do overspend. Of course, the reasons are impractical and more of psychological.
The top in the list is AVOIDANCE. Some people are so contained with the terms fun, entertainment, alcohol, lavish clothing and opulent food, but they forget about their bills. This is what you do when you refuse to face or confront with something you find confusing or upsetting. So, you get rid of it and spend.

Next in the line is DEPRESSION, the commonest of the four main reasons why people overspend and end up in bankruptcy. When you get depressed you always ought to lighten your feeling and the most plausible way of doing it is buying the things you wanted, or eating the food you crave for, or travel to place you want to go- here’s the catch, you disregard “the worth of the spend”.

LOW SELF ESTEEM creeps up to the deepest roots of your genes when you do not accept who truly you are. The tendency is that you give in to everything that would boost your morale, which is to flaunt the things you bought- of course; you won’t boast a cheap one.

HEDONISM is one disease that the modern society now has. People need instant and short-termed satisfaction without considering how much is left and how much would be right. Planning, or shall we say, setting up a budget plan, is the better policy.

When you got the urge, delay your purchases. Follow the 10 minute rule, because usually the urge to buy something unnecessary will likely pass after 10 minutes.


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