The Opposing Forces – HTML 5 and Flash

Trending in the IT world is the replacement of HTML 5 to Flash’s roles or Flash fighting back to HTML 5’s features. This fact is far more than true, but people seem not to realize the bigger picture of interoperability where the two shall be a good tandem for every online application or webpage. Behind the stage are the facts about the real score between HTML 5’s and Flash’s circumstances. HTML is what developers use to build website and not through Flash, but without Flash, a website would be like a simple crown, nothing more nothing less. Flash has been in the industry for 12 years, more than decade of efficient production of high tech outputs; “No Flash = no advanced features in banners”. HTML 5 is yet to be introduced in 2014, meaning, it does not officially exist, rather a specification that’s still in draft. Indeed, HTML can be used for video players, but only for those basic ones because advanced players are using FLASH for better yield like streaming, caption, interactive features and miscellaneous video effects.

Now, the situation is that many are now accepting the idea of HTML 5 replacing Flash on its roles, but should it really be the instance? Actually there are arguments that are now on set, all for either HTML 5 or Flash. In the perspective of mobile industry, smart phones shall we say, which majority of them are featuring Flash like Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS, feature phones and low cost tablets. If iOS and Android shall be using HTML 5, then it would just be a fair play. Also, in the web perspective, most of the sites that are using ads for their sites operability, Flash are used, but, there are still many websites which simply do not use flash and still are successful of getting the mob’s attention.

At the end of the day, a versus will not be a good choice, unity shall be one.

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