The Mob VS the Great Firewall called “SOPA”…

Just before every internet eye, freedom was said to be strained and selected, credits to the new rule sprayed by the United States of America called SOPA or Stop Online Piracy Act announced last October 2011. Well, American legislators, the senate members, are more than aware that this promulgation of internet monitoring in terms of copyright infringement policies and situations shall really make a loud noise. But despite of the negative response of both the members of the cyber mob and giant websites, authorities are still eager to push the said law backed both by the entertainment’s music, television and movie industry. Hollywood is expected to group with these proclaimed legalities over copyright infringements, primarily because everything is favorable for them. Yahoo! also palpably showed its opposition to the SOPA by withdrawing from the United States Chamber of Commerce which is an enthusiastic supporter for SOPA.

So, who are the supporters for this grandest firewall? There are three large orgs that have been so vocal in supporting SOPA, of course with common and unique protection for their respective interests, they are MPAA, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, the most vocal sites for the opposition side is the NetCoalition whose members include, Google, eBay, and Yahoo.

One of the three supporters, U.S. Chamber of Commerce pronounced the reason why they support SOPA, “Rogue Web sites that steal America’s innovative and creative products attract more than 53 billion visits a year and threaten more than 19 million American jobs.” Which on the other perspective is quite true but not enough to put quite a great firewall as great as SOPA is. Protests are now made, both in cyber and in reality, primarily because, this is not just an issue of protection but also a good avenue for passive manipulation.


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