Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Race (Sept 24-26, 2010) Singaporeans and the rest of the F1 fans who traveled from all corners of the globe were treated by a dazzling race that showcased the sheer skills and tenacity of the F1 drivers. It was a action-packed event as Fernando Alonso had to fight for tooth and nail just to win the race, with Sebastian Vettel giving him a serious run for his money. It was a very grueling 61-lap race, with a fraction of second win for Alonso.

However, this win is a meaningful victory for Alonso as the results of the race catapulted him and cemented his spot in the upcoming World Championship race. After the race, the winning driver was quoted in saying that he loves the Marina Bay street circuit and it seems to suit well with his driving style.

But like most F1 races, the Singapore race was also laden with controversy. This time, it circled around Webber and Hamilton. At Turn 5, Webber made contact with Hamilton. The collision was a fatal blow for the latter who was the 2009 Singapore race champion, as it seriously affects Hamilton’s hopes for the world title.

All in all, it was not a great race, but a spectacular one at that. People who traveled across continents definitely got what they paid for and so much more.

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