Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2009

Like most men, I am fascinated with cars and speed. This explains my avid interest in F1 car racing. September last year, I did not pass up the chance to attend the Singapore F1 night race. It sure did deliver its promise of pure adrenaline rush. Needless to say, the experience was well worth every penny.

F1 races are pretty big here in Asia and in Europe. Not just for the sports enthusiasts, but most importantly, for businesses as tourists, celebrities and motorsport fans from all corners of the globe flock to take part in such events. Keeping this is mind, I made sure all my travel arrangements were finalized months ahead. Here are some photos I personally took from the said event.

A diffuser in a race car is used to accelerate air flow under the car, creating an area of low pressure, sucking the car onto the track in order to create higher grip levels.

At top speed, these Bridgestone dry slick tyres can rotate up to 50x per second. These are specifically design for Formula One, able to withstand considerable weight but still extremely light.

The sound of the powerful engines, the crowd’s noise, the traffic, the lights, the celebrities and performance of Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas all contributed to the palpable excitement in the air. It is doubly exciting since the Singapore Grand Prix is the only night race of Formula One, staged in the street track that is approximately 5 kilometers situated at the heart of the cosmopolitan city. With all the bright lights flooding the race track and the breathtaking backdrop of the city lights, it was really a memorable experience. Here are some more photos of the event.

I intend to attend to more F1 races, provided my schedule permits. It is definitely a great experience for any motorsports enthusiasts like me.

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