Road Trip: South Cebu

Ever wondered why Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines? Well, aside from the fact that it is dubbed as the IT hub, it’s main attractions include its friendly people, bustling economy, and lets not forget the fact that Cebu is also teeming with great historical sites to feast your eyes on. The local municipalities are easily considered a great haven for photographers looking for old buildings exuding so much culture and history.

So when I finally had the whole weekend free, I thought of going on a road trip. For someone who is always cooped up in the office, always pressed for time – I find rare joy in driving aimlessly, not really having any specific destination in mind, and yes, no need to keep track of time. Literally leaving all worries behind, well at least for a day.

So for those who have not gone beyond Cebu City, here are some great and must-see nooks and crannies on the Southern part of Cebu:


I’m sure you have heard about the chicharon and lechon of Carcar. But this municipality definitely has more than that to offer. Also known as the Heritage City because of its rich architectural details – with structures built on various American and Spanish periods. Be sure to drive along Sta. Catalina street, you will be regaled with the rows of old houses with very distinctive architectural details.


For the devout Catholics, one of the main destinations of Sibonga is the Simala Shrine. It features the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. It is popular among devotees because it is believed to be the home of the miraculous Virgin Mary.


At first glace, Boljoon may not seem so significant as it usually just come across as a quaint seaside town. But at a closer look, you will soon find out there is definitely more to see. One of the must-visit places is the oldest church in Cebu, which was declared as a National Historical Landmark.


You have probably heard about the famous beaches of Cebu. One of the accessible diving spots is located in Santander with its close proximity to the famouse Apo Island, Pescador, Sumilon, and Siquijor.

One of the primary attractions of Badian is its string of breathtaking beaches. Of course, its main attraction would have to be the Kawasan Falls and the Kabokalan Springs. With the different types of flora and fauna, it can be quite a treat to walk along the river canyon.


Moalboal is best known for its beaches and unique underwater configurations. Since the beaches are still not well developed, you can expect considerably cheaper rates.

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