Positioning Yourself for Success — Bob Parsons’ Way

I am a fan of Bob Parsons blog. Any online entrepreneur can definitely benefit from the helpful tips he dishes out in the most interesting way. Not only are his blogs highly entertaining, it also provides really simple, practical tips that are very insightful especially for budding businessmen.

I have been in the online business for over seven years now, and I must say, most of what I’ve learned are from experiences and looking up some insightful tips from people who have established themselves in the industry. Sure, we all have our success stories, and we all want to be authors of our own successes, but it sure pays to get some fresh perspective on things every now and then.

This particular video is helpful for people who are starting out on their businesses and how to tackle risks. Yes risks. You will encounter them enough in business. But as Bob put it, risks are part of the deal, but it must be calculated risks. To know more what I am talking about, here’s the copy of the video. Enjoy.

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