Philippines: New Call Center Capital of the World

Started notwithstanding enough resources and trust in the Philippines’ economy, call center industry has successfully and sweetly dipped the topnotch off from the previous number one leading country, India, in call center services and business process outsourcing or BPO. According to the president of CCAP or Contact Center Association of the Philippines, the country’s employment count in call centers has turned to 350,000 which his 6.2% higher than the 330,000 of India. The call center revenue of the Philippines has hit $5.7 billion just for this year or $200 million higher to India’s $5.5 billion.

The digits have just dubbed the real situation in the branch of BPO which is the call center and the BPO itself; Philippines is the leading go-to outsourced country. Well, there are reasons why things turned out so well for the Pearl of the Orient- first, the Filipinos have a closer cultural affinity to the Americans making them easily adjust with the usage of language; second, the Filipinos own communication skills that are innate to them making effective communication outputs.

This overwhelming result of obtaining the top spot in call center industry’s workforce count worldwide exclaims our win against the prime rival of the Philippines, India. And this is not because of the fact that the country has lower labor and resources cost than India, but for the fact that Filipinos do have the talent of being excellent, proficient and versatile- these are highly commended worldwide.

Authorities are now urging the government to support and promote the growing industry of call center in the country. It is undoubtedly an opportunity seeder to the striving economy of the Philippines and which is expected to provide 1.3 million with an expected quota of $25 billion in revenue for the next five years.

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