One Chapter Closes, Another Adventure Starts

Its no secret.  More than a decade of my life I have devoted to putting up a company. For years,  the demands of running an IT company has filled my every waking and yes, what supposed to be my sleeping hours. With the single-minded tenacity, I ran the company armed with determination and some luck. I consider PhilWebServices a big part of my life, something that I have worked so hard on, poured so much of myself into.  Now that the company is standing on its own feet and stable enough to run on its own, I guess its time for me to pursue another adventure.

The next big thing for me? InfoHub.Ph. Well, with the degree of experience and expertise I have gained from running an IT company, I cannot entirely veer off from the industry. So I plan on starting an online travel magazine which aims to be the primary resource for people wanting to travel to any key destination in the Philippines. Offering comprehensive guide, insider scoops, and helpful information on what to see, things to do, where to stay, InfoHub.Ph will soon be considered the primary resource for travelers.

Much like back when I started PhilWebServices, I feel the same excitement and determination. But this time, my world will not be limited to  the four walls of my office. I will get to share with the rest of the world the beauty and grandeur of Philippines  as I see it through my camera lens.

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One Response to “One Chapter Closes, Another Adventure Starts”

  • Reian A. Quinonez says:

    How are you my friend? Do you still remember me? I’m your buddy in our college days. Natupad din lahat ng pangarap mo… Congratulations and nice seeing you again my buddy…