Not a Great Day for Red Bull Team

F1 Racing fans from all corners of the globe had a field day last May 30 in Istanbul, Turkey with the latest brouhaha on the race track due to the unfortunate collision by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber while running first and second. The accident happened on lap 40, the impact sent Webber off the race track and Vettel spinning. This resulted to losing what could have been a first and second finish for Red Bull. The race ended with only Webber getting the third spot.

While everyone was pointing fingers on who’s to blame, and indignant fans were quick to show their support on each of the drivers, Red Bull’s management expressed its displeasure given the fact that this brought about a big loss to the team. This is certainly one for the books.

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – F1 Racing Team winning the race

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