Transparent Android screen app prevents you hitting that lamp post…

With the technology that we have today, you can’t miss every moment indulging to its wonder and fun because of the satisfaction and entertainment you get from it. You keep using it because you were so addicted to it, and you are walking through the boulevard of New York and suddenly, you bumped off a light post. Shame it is. Then there’s light, the rays of the sun shining reminding you of what has just happened. Well, this would be a common scenario for everyone who ends up so over-hooked with their gadgets. The good news is that your smartphone can have the app found in the market that turns your screen transparent, and comes equipped with a variety of different opacity settings- this would lift you off the embarrassment moments and possible injuries while updating your android and having fun.

This new application is a new milestone for developers enabling the consumers to be aware of the physical environment they are in, whether there is something up ahead of them, or a garbage can that halls up their ways. Another good thing for this app is that you can adjust the opacity feature according to how you would love your screen become opaque. The rear camera does the trick as it will serve as your guide while you are doing your browsing or texting regimens while on the road (except driving of course).

For now, the app is not that perfect and needs more modifications and development. Some time, the app would let the phone lag when its set with higher video resolution which is expected when the camera is turned on and normal UI are operating at the same time.
This app is just a guide for those who do over usage of the phone, because the only one that would really avoid the chances of getting injury is being conscious, as in 100% conscious.

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