My Own Take on the Recent British Grand Prix

July 11, 2010 — It was yet another exciting race brought by Formula One. This time, it was held in Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain. I have to say it was an interesting race with Mark Webber leading the pack, and enjoying the significant victory. To the dismay of many, the race started out to be a disaster for both Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa, both badly affected by punctures brought about by contact with other drivers in the race.

To the disappointment of many Ferrari fans, it is turning out to be a less than impressive season for the team. Ferrari has not won any race since Fernando Alonso’s win back in Bahrain GP and also the very first time for them to leave the race empty handed this season.

Amid his victory, Webber created quite a stir as he showed no qualms of showing his displeasure of the seemingly unfair favoritism the
Red Bull team showed when Sebastian Vettel was handed the new front wing off Mark Webber’s car. He was quoted saying ” Not bad for a number two driver”, to which he later reportedly regretted saying and apologized for the heat of the moment outburst.

Needless to say, the race delivered its promise of adrenaline rush and yes, it also has its share of intrigues, keeping everyone on their toes and waiting for the next Grand Prix.

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