My Not So Pleasant Experience With Microtel Baguio

Running a company that provides service myself, I place high value on customer service and have come expect the same standard, especially from a first-class hotel. My Baguio trip started on a wrong foot with series of blunders from Microtel Baguio

Before I start off, I normally have a mildly tolerant nature. But after almost 2 hours  plane trip and a 7-hour bus ride, I was looking forward to finally get some much needed rest. Sadly, this is not what the Microtel Baguio staff had in store for me.

A few days ago, I had my assistant make reservations and payments for my hotel accommodation for this trip. The Microtel management sent their confirmation on the payment as well as an inquiry as to what time they would expect my arrival. Sounds promising. I was expecting everything was planned out smoothly. I was dead wrong.

I arrived at the hotel tired and in dire need of rest. To my surprise, there was no attendant on the reception area, save the security guard. He had to call the front desk clerk to attend to me. That would have been fine enough, until I was told to wait for a few more minutes since they need to confirm my payment. Now that’s grand. They issued their confirmation days ago and now they had me wait for several minutes so they could confirm again? It didn’t help matters when I noticed a family I shared a bus ride with went in and was immediately attended to even without prior reservations. Surely they know all their guests come from long distance travel to reach Baguio. That alone should have given them the initiative to make preparations ahead of time.

But that was not the end of it. After confirming the payment, I had to wait a few more minutes since the staff need time to prepare my room. Talk about first-rate service, huh? The greatest blunder of all was the fact that I wasn’t able to sleep well since they have renovations underway, scheduled on peak season at that.

Well, enough complaining. I don’t have to put up with substandard service. I just opted to change hotels.

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