Montreal Races in Grand Style

Been busy the past few days, so please bear with this overdue post. As I have mentioned in my previous post, after over a year of hiatus, Formula One came back to Canada with a roaring success. Naturally, for F1 fans and enthusiast never pass up this opportunity, with the grand event held in the old Windsor Train Station.

All racing teams were warmly greeted by the crowd, with onlookers regaled with team after team of F1 stars and celebrities, and key personalities who were out and about to join the festivities. With everyone on high spirits, it was clearly apparent how glad Canada was to have Formula One back on its racing tracks and F1 drivers responded in the same fashion and fervor as well.

Jenson Button claims it was a tough race, as he finishes second to his teammate Lewis Hamilton. All in all, the crowd definitely got the wonderful show they paid for and a whole lot more. With the success, this will definitely usher in more racing events in Montreal.

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