Iphone Gets Higher Resale Values than Androids and Blackberry’s

Quality is really one thing that sets competition in every business-related industry. Probably, it is an open secret for every consumer that every enterprise, to gain trust from their purchasers, they impose that they got the best quality out of the many competitors with the same line of product. But there are also companies who do it the passive way, and this happens to smart phone companies. They impose quality with their prices, the more expensive it, the more durable and valuable it would be. A statistical data were released by Priceonomics about the resale values of three most outstanding quality phones – iPhone, Blackberry and Androids.

The goal is to determine what phone has the highest resale value which also would directly imply the impact of quality of the phones to users’ perspectives. The data was gathered by examining all iPhone models along with the 70 most popular Androids and 30 most popular Blackberry models. These phones are then sorted to categories, namely: newly released, 1, 2, 3, 4-year old phones. Actually, quality is based from how does a phone function after a year or so it was purchased, but also the consumers’ perspective of how a phone is worth also would affect the study. This also happens to the car industry, where reselling of the pieces is more often to happen; it even have a slogan “The highest quality phones should have the best resale values over time and crappier phones should depreciate the fastest.”

The result was based on 18-month range from the time the handset was purchased. As for the result, iPhone got 53% compared to 42% for Android phones and 41% for Blackberry ones. This only shows that iPhones are more efficient than Android and Blackberry phones are. Basing from this study, the fire is still burning for Apple’s iPhone.

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