Hungarian Race Review

August 01, Hungary — Every F1 event means a race nearer to championships and with each win, a driver is a mile nearer to being heralded as the best in the world. Its a tight competition but recent results showed some very promising personalities to watch out for.

In the Hungarian Grand Prix, results firmly puts back Mark Webber back in the championships race. The event proved to be one of the most exciting this year, giving fans a preview on what to look forward to the season’s finals. Early in the race, it would have seemed to be a clear victory for Sebastian Vettel, but the safety-car intervention has significantly affected his chances. Vettel was also given a drive-through penalty due to dropping more than 10 lengths behind. According to Vettel, his radio malfunctioned and later admitted he relied too much on the radio and failed to pay more attention on the critical moments of the race.

As tension mounts up with every race, and drivers working their way up to establishing their respective positions, you can definitely bet Formula one is about to deliver yet another adrenaline-pumping season.

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