Germany GP — A Controversial Win for Ferrari

July 25, 2010 — Last Sunday, F1 race was held in Hockenheim, Germany. After Mark Webber’s comment against teammate Sebastian Vettel caused quite a stir in the racing world, one would assume we already had our fair share of controversies for this season. Well, we’re dead wrong. As it turns out, Formula One racing events never fails to create much excitement and intrigue, both on and off the circuit.

Fernando Alonso celebrated his second victory of the season as he led Ferrari to a one-two finish. Alonso’s triumph stole what could have been a bittersweet and emotional win for fellow teammate Felipe Massa, since the race was said to have been the anniversary of his horrific accident when his helmet was hit by a metal spring, and ended up spending 3 days in induced coma at Budapest Military Hospital. Massa suffered skull fractures, which reportedly required metal plate insertion. With a second lease on life, without a doubt, last Sunday was an emotional race for him.

Initially, it was a promising start for Massa, starting third, passing Alonso and Sebastian Vettel and led the race going into the first corner. While it was apparent that Alonso had a better pace and passed Massa on lap 21, the Spaniard driver was unable to sustain his lead. He was heard over the radio, voicing out his frustrations saying “This is ridiculous”.

Now given that it turned out to be a tight race for the two Ferrari drivers, Ferrari took the decision of backing Alonso. At lap 47, Rob Smedley, the race engineer of Massa was heard saying, ” Ok, so, Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood the message?” And true enough, it was not only Massa who understood the subtle instructions behind the statement, but the whole world as well. On the following two laps, Massa allowed Alonso through on the exit, leading to a con

While this could not be claimed to be a blatant case of team orders, but it sure raised adamant reactions, with racing fans claiming to have been cheated with a chance to witness firsthand a serious wheel to wheel action between Alonso and Massa. Rightly so, Ferrari won one-two, but the win has been marred by this controversy to the dismay of many.

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