Facebook’s Latest Timeline Apps: Pros and Cons Relinquished

The busiest social networking site, Facebook has recently launched their new set of 60 Timeline apps. The said newborn apps are developed skillfully by its various partners namely TripAdvisor, Zynga, eBay and Foursquare. Furthermore, this launching opened the API or application programming interface to every enthusiastic application developers to generate new applications for the platform- according to its developer’s post in a blog. The Timeline, though seen to be more customized, cooler and more interactive to its users seems to still have the loopholes of dissatisfaction. Many say it is way better if Timeline was not applied in Facebook, many say, that it’s a positive move; that is, both have significant points to ponder.

Inclusive of the new set of apps, Facebook users can now enhance their Timeline experience where one can relate one’s story like in a real time and in a real-world. These apps can help you express more the things in your mind like cooking, eating, travelling, jogging or even watching movies. Also, using a wider range of verbs and nouns such as “baked” and “listened”, one can describe the activities or statuses aside from the “Like” button. To furnish these features, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, divulged that these new add-ons would further allow users to have frictionless experiences and real-time serendipity.

App awareness escalation- revenue torrent

Aside from being a giant in the social networking sites community, Facebook is also lauded by a Sydeney-based analyst Phil Hassey, to be very innovative in coming up with Open Graph as a mechanism for optimizing monetary probabilities from its consumer base. “ Clearly, Facebook is evolving very quickly and looking to exploit every commercial option it can find to grow revenue, and justify its rumored IPO price,” the analyst continued.

The use of Open Graph Protocol which was first introduced last 2010 as an extension of social graph, has been counted to be a positive move not only for the Facebook users but also to app developers especially nowadays’ trending technology where everything comes to be handy. The Timeline feature keeps the morale of app developers to create and discover new apps to make and to revise, thus giving both advantages to developers and consumers.

This is also beneficial for marketers, as for the increase of word-of-mouth, subscription and sales increase as well. But this could be appalling when time comes that every user in Facebook exist along with its thousands of friend that information could go overload. This leads us to the next issue, privact and information feed.

Privacy: concern of the majority

Facebook users’ population is divided on how Timeline affects their Facebook experience. Some say it’s a mess, some say it’s better and it’s what we call innovation, but some are more serious in dealing with this, “our privacy can be corrupted!” Actually, this issue can be cut short, if you believe that your privacy shall be stricken, so you do not make any action that’ll make it stricken. Some of the people are reacting that it could have been better if they had not used Timeline because the past shall be dug up and it shall ruin relationships. But the good thing for this Open Graph Protocol is that, it gives you the choice of privacy. You can always filter it, display what you want to display and hide what should be hidden. That easy.

Marketers’ wisdom

Well, it’s not easy to adapt to a new custom, and it does not happen in one night; this is the thought of the marketers, which should be marked as their business wisdom. It is hard to embrace the given app because of some holes that still need to be filled up with moderation, semblance and social common sense. Maybe, it seems to be improbable, but situation like one is updating his status and an app displays it that he or she is jogging, this may help the occurrence of burglars around the vicinity where he or she is jogging; and some cases would go worse. Also, users who are new in the usage of the app have a little knowledge or control that they may over express themselves and may implicate brands. And their remark: wait for the outcome, if it’s clean or if it is not.

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