Breaking News: iPhone 5, Better Than Any Android

Apple has been having a hard time on getting back to the top taking into account the rapid uprising sales of the Android-producing companies. Whatever may be Apple’s iPhone’s status, still, their developers are still on their right minds to counter every Android feature with their own new iPhone 5. Early this year, there are rumors that iPhone 5 shall really be a blast compared to that of the previous iPhone releases, iPhone 4 and 4S respectively. The info was reliably cited by a source at Foxconn in China and by summer, the iPhone 5 shall be released with its wider and longer appearance.

Marking the $46.33 billion line, Apple was highly enthralled, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO even said, “Apple’s momentum is incredibly strong, and we have some amazing new products in the pipeline.” This could really mean that the coming of the next chart topper after iPhone 4S is near and would really be a greater one.

Rumors say that Apple was eyeing bigger screens; some also say that such new smart phone is depicting such device that looked like an iPhone 4 but with a noticeably larger screen. Hearsay was heard from CNET France in September pronouncing it heard the next iPhone would use a qHD screen that comes in 960×540 pixels and measures about 4.2 to 4.3 inches diagonally. The new iPhone shall also be slightly larger but thinner in volume to truly follow the trending sizes of smart phones and also for a quick and easy grab. But some say that Apple shall not be working for a new iPhone but just for a new “S” model.

Many have so many speculations about this latest iPhone arrival. Many have told what they expect. And many are still feeling unlikely to it. The importance is that, Apple never fails to serve its customers just so right.

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