Be A Search Engine Sole Survivor

Betting on the challenge set forth by the passive warring status of different sites for top ranks in every search engine ever created is definitely a hard one. Though there have been so many steps and strategies on how to better and improve contents, catchy titles and dominating keywords, still, SEO top page ranks are hard to reach. Maybe, an easy job for veterans and those folks who have a good command in the language, but how would these shining spots are grasped by someone who’s just an average, someone who still has to use a relevant leverage just to come up with sensible contents? Well, they think meta data is a good and effective solution. But actually, it is not, because changing the titles and the keywords would not change anything, except its totality and not even a single better rank.

Better SEO

Now, every website has its own ways of creating the most effective SEO, but, eventually, SEO is not just all about the content itself but also the path that every search engine uses to drive into your site, and if these path has so many errors, then the output: ZERO SEO. Well, for most of the minor sites, or those sites that have minimal budget for maintenance and functionality; common errors are, they refuse to check their homepages’ setup, especially on the “refresh” aspect, making your site invisible to the search engine’s sight, or if better, making your site on the least priorities. The NUMBER 1 spot belongs to the most convenient.

Help from the Social Media

The social media is not just a mere world created for people to connect, express and wonder but also to publicize things that interest the people living in the social media realm like Facebook, Tweeter, Multiply, etc. As to the term “interest”, you should mark your site as interesting. Social media has really owned an effective way of spreading gossips, news and the latest talks of the town; thus, making it also one of the most powerful spreader of links and sites. Through its “like” button, Facebook attracts, through its intrigues, Tweeter spreads and through its “follow” feature, Multiply multiplies. That’s easy indeed. Now, here’s the catch, if you post your site, then you like it and you share it, and everyone you know does the same, then the world learns your existence, then your rank soars higher; that’s how social media works. Just a piece of advice, go with the positive flow, DO NOT SPAM.

The Heart of Content

Your content is the key for selling your site, logically selling, as in gaining popularity. People will search for information, not for emotion and for appreciating the art of language and logic. What the previous sentence means is that people needs to learn from facts, thus, put the facts, not the emotion of the facts. Many people are now engaged to writing with reflections, but actually, the easiest way to enter the senses of every netizen is to feed them with information and facts that they need. Do not just right for the sake of length; write for the sake of benefitting others, because then, you things will just perfectly boomerang.

Building Friendship and Links

Of course, friendship does not only exist in the real world, as a matter of fact, the internet has grown into this size because of friendship; and that’s how you shall win the highest spot in SEO. Building links maybe a strenuous job at first because you shall find people who also wants the interest of the people, in simple words, people who owns websites. By befriending them you get to advertise and publicize your site through their site; such a leeching game though. But this step would definitely add up to your chances of getting the first spot in every search engine page’ searches.

Functionality and Convenience

How do you make your life worth living? By making it convenient, understandable and justifiable; such answers are also applicable on the question, how do you make your visitors’ visit worth the visit? Yes, it is an obligation to make your website easy, understandable for the average man, and usable. It’s just like searching in a library, that when you’re finding for a Philippine history book from a pile of world history books, you surrender because of its complicated and inconvenient arrangement. In making a website, you have the responsibility to be organized; otherwise, you lose a chance of getting spots in the first page of search engine results, because your visitors are your responsibility.

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