Battle of The Platforms: HTML 5 vs Flash

With the increasing technology levels today, internet continues to grow into something better and something reliable and convenient to the sight and experience of the consumers. But there’s quite a battle with the two leading platforms used in the internet- HTML vs Flash. Well, this might as well gives you a head start how this article would go. 98% of the personal computers in the planet have embraced the technology of Adobe called flash even though HTML had quite a smooth run for a decade and has had several improvements to its platform. Eventually, there are pros and cons for these two giants in language usage. One pro HTML 5 is the fact that Apple’s iPhone and iPAD do not support Flash. This may not be significant to some, but worldwide, users of iPhone and iPAD are really dominating making this point significant for the HTML 5. The other fact is that 34 of the top hundred sites worldwide now uses HTML as the language of their web pages, which, is supposed to be appealing both to the HTML developers and users because this means that the platform is more than functional to be used by 34 big sites.

On the other hand, Adobe’s Flash compared to Opera’s HTML has its own set of pros. In spite the fact that Flash developing team is more unified than that of HTML’s because it’s handled by one company, it is also used in every gaming or video streaming sites. It’s the common denominator of thousands entertainment- providing websites.

In any way or the other, Flash and HTML have their respective strengths and weaknesses, but as for the control of which shall be embraced by the web and its members, the decision lies to the web designers and users- it’s always a tough decision for every web developer.


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