Baguio City, A Welcome Respite

People have been complaining about the unusually intense heat of the sun this summer, me included. So while other people hit the beach, I opt to go to Baguio City to commune with nature, and yes, escape from the scorching heat.

There is always something about Baguio that lures me back. Every once in a while I visit this place to get away from the tensions of work and gain fresh perspective on things. Never mind having to endure the almost 2 hours flight then 7 hours ride, as there are no direct flights to Baguio. But it was well worth it. As I stepped down from the bus, the frosty breeze greeted, almost instantly washing away the stress. Not to sound melodramatic here, but the sheer beauty of the scenery is just inspiring and definitely worth the long hours of travel.

Unlike Cebu and other major cities in the Philippines where you have to navigate your way through the bustling traffic, people here in Baguio prefer to walk. It’s funny how one realizes missing simple things such as walking along the road, among strangers instead of being cooped up in cars. My life here literally slows down, well, at least for a few days.

First stop? Starbucks for my dose of Venti Signature Hot Chocolate. Nothing like a good old cup to get me going.

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