Are Solid-State Drives (SSD) geared up for 2012?

The performance of a computer- desktop or notebook, is one of the most significant factors that every computer owner and user should keep an eye on because everything shall bounce away if it ends up that your desktop or laptop comes crawling just to do a simple closing of windows. Of course you wouldn’t want this. One thing that affects the performance of a computer is its storage capacities which on the past ten years have not travelled so far as we still use 7.2K, 10K and 15 K RPM disks for the majority of our data conveniences. This is one issue which SSD aims to solve, but the question is; are SSD’s perfect year really 2012, or do these new newborn disks still need to stay in the lab and improve its built-in features that will surely shock the whole world?

There are still so many speculations about the “early release” of SSD’s. Some say that it is not the right time for these data storage boxes to come out in the market, but some say, they should come out now, so that the search for the rooms for improvement shall be maximized through the help of interested consumers and also through the help of interested developers. The high demand and high percentage of genuineness of this product makes it costly. Its marketing is also affected by its lifespan and credibility issues where many enterprises are still not indulged to this young technology, refusing to gamble what they have.

On the other hand, alongside with these pessimistic speculations, SSD’s can surely wipe out performance gaps that has been perturbing traditional magnetic media.

The Price Is Right
But as time passes by, SSD’s price descent is on a swift pace that in time, price parity with HDD’s shall be achieved, but in such a slower pace though. This still does not stop the chances of enterprises engaging and delving their investments to these hi-tech storage boxes disregarding HDD’s unmatched capacity. Last year, when everything seems to be soundless for SDD’s, Gartner predicted that they shall top the hit charts and shall really be extremely popular. Nowadays, more and more computers, including notebooks, are equipped with these SSD’s as a standard option. As for the current affordable marketing costs of these storage disks, technology tracks the line with more accessibility for developers and creators, making the consumers crave for what is newer, what is more low-cost and what is more convenient.

New Storage for New Techs
Because technology is still a growing industry of the world, many new technologies shall be created and this requires new storage: more efficient, faster and standardized- this is one reason why SSD’s are made. Storage performance is still a highly critical aspect of every operational IT org, thus, SSD’s shall give these humps a strike to flatten the problems, but of course, innovation can take time.

Boiling all down to reliability
Well, if you ask if these storage disks are really reliable, the answer would be maybe yes, maybe no. A simple explanation would be, “that there’s no perfect in this whole wide world”. Actually, there are still issues of SSD’s reliability and lifespan. The important thing there is that, you should really be ready for anything; BACKUP!
Well, maybe, everybody says that the world is now old counting all the generations that have passed by and the creatures that have become extinct. But if we measure it to the achievements of the inhabitants, we, human beings, there are still so many things left out there to discover, and so for these young SSD’s. A change for these storage devices is like a change for the whole community; it doesn’t happen in one night. There are still needed tests, experiments and logical scrutinies to solve the imperfection, not only for this neophyte technology, but for all the technology existing. Let’s just expect for the better, soon.


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