Is Apple losing its cool factor?

It is not hearsay the Apple has really set the pace in producing the best gadgets in the world from music players, notebooks, desktops and even the handiest devices, smartphones; it is a fact. But recently, Samsung has just announced its victory over the smartphone production worldwide as it grabs the top spot which Apple previously had as the biggest seller of smarthpones worldwide last Christmas. It is not also new to the mobile phone industry that there are so many companies battling to market the best phone; and if it’s called best, it talks with the entirety of the phone’s features and structure. Experts say that the Samsung S II had seized the crown because of its “cool” design compared to Apple’s boxy, flat and fleeting stale physiognomy or physical feature.

Seems like people’s taste have evolved from being classy and elegant to a vibrant and more playful preference making Samsung a better choice for users as it also uses almost the same operating system which they call the Android OS. Apple was predicted to lose its cool factor in 2012, and somehow they attribute this to the loss of the mastermind of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Androids are now getting well in the industry’s streamline, and successfully have won over the greatness Apple has. But this would not stop Apple to do and furnish their outputs. After their release of IPhone 4S, everybody became so curious about how is living with a personal assistant slotted inside a phone named Siri. Apple believes that business is not about what you get, because business is all about what you can give. Turnouts just follow. With these, people and even competitors, wait for the next bomb that Apple shall blast out with flying colors; because remember, Apple has set the pace which no other company has set it the way they did.

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