What drives you?”

I have been asked this question by different people in the years that I have been in the IT business. The question is quite broad and open-ended, which can be easily brushed off with a general or vague response.

But for someone familiar with the fast-paced world of Information Technology, drive/motivation/passion, or whatever you want to call, it is a critical element to survive and thrive in this cutthroat industry.

Right fresh out of college, I built PhilWebServices, which started out as a web hosting company and employed my college friends. In so many ways, the company has become an extension of myself, an integral part of my being. Every setback, every challenge were like physical blows I had to endure, and every triumph and opportunity that have unraveled along the way was like an intoxicating drug that kept pushing me to go further and farther.

To say that the ride has been bumpy may be an understatement. But through the years, PhilWebServices has been a constant thing in my life. Despite its unpredictability, I find comfort in the knowledge that I control my destiny. I may not always get the desired outcome, but perseverance and dedication always pay off in the end. Always.

In this line of business, you can never hope to enjoy a smooth, problem-free year, let alone a peaceful month to just sit back and enjoy the little or big successes along the way. Everything is constantly shifting, the trends always evolving – you fall to the wayside if you grow complacent.

So… back to the question, “What drives me?

The source of my inspiration

The source of my inspiration

Let’s just say that running two IT companies provide me my daily dose of adrenaline shot. It is the thrill of conceptualizing ideas and collaborating with brilliant minds who are equally passionate about technology. You can also say, the existence of the two companies reveals the bullish streak of my nature that refused to give up, to never accept failure as an option.

In hindsight, money was not the primary motivation in building PhilWebServices and SpeedFusion. While it is the lifeblood of the business operations, it has never been the end goal.

15 years since the inception of PhilWebServices, I can say I have been through a lot. I have gained greater perspective of things and learned what are critically urgent and what can wait until the next morning. I have learned to tune out the noise and distractions and focus on things that matter.

These days, I draw inspiration in the thought that I can finally enjoy real life-work balance. It’s a constant juggling act but I have learned to give the best of myself in work and in my relationship. I work for the future, for the family I hope to have one day. To enjoy the fruits of my labor and give myself the freedom to enjoy sense of accomplishment that I have done enough.

I hope to look back one day knowing I have lived a full life – that I took the bull by the horn and never let go.