A Look Back at PhilWebServices History

Finally. This personal blog site is long overdue.

Been extremely busy the past few years, it’s only now that I finally got around creating one for myself. Well, hopefully, I can find time to post regularly. This site will showcase most of the my interest, hobbies, thoughts, industry trends, and of course about PhilWebServices.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Von Rod Limpot, a Filipino entrepreneur, committed to promoting Filipino talent in the field of Information Technology.

PhilWebServices started off as a vague idea. Back in my college days, I used to dabble a bit with web design, just tinkering around the web, creating personal sites. Nothing too fancy. Early on, while I know I have the eye for detail and the working knowledge on how to go about building a website, I knew I don’t have the exceptional skills to make a fortune out of web design. But there was one fact I do know: Filipinos have grown exceeding proficient and competent in programming and design, good enough to compete and work alongside IT professionals around the world. The Philippines is teeming with young, eager talents just waiting for the opportunity to be tapped. And this led me to create PhilWebServices.

Back then, building a company from scratch seemed like a formidable endeavor. Even until today, I look back, I still shake my head at how I was able managed to overcome the challenges, especially given the fact that I was fresh out of college. While most of my friends, eagerly look for job opportunities, I was set my sights on growing a world-class IT company. Of course, as any businessman would readily agree, it was a rough ride. Yes, I did have my fears and fair share of apprehensions. With no real work experience, how does one run a company, albeit small at that time? With loads of guts, grit, determination, and luck.

With the eagerness and determine of youth, I started PhilWebServices by offering web hosting services. With a limited capital, I enlisted the services of a few close friends and undergraduates who are looking for hands on experience one can never get from textbooks. For the next three years, I immersed myself in work, taking on the job of 2-3 men, working 18-20 hours a day to run a small, still struggling company. It was crazy, really. But being able to work alongside talented people would inspire anyone give their 200%. There were times I literally lived inside my office, waking up a few hours, go back to my house just to catch a quick shower and put on fresh clothes. I managed to do just that, well up until my health gave me a wake up call. I eventually slowed down a little and forced myself to stick to the 8-12 hours shift.

Today, PhilWebServices still faces a number of challenges, but has managed to establish a reputation of being a wholly-owned Filipino company offer world-class service. The company now offers web design and development services to local and international clients. For several years now, the PhilWebServices team has worked silently on the background, assisting international web design and development companies in need of additional manpower, without having to contend with the expense of keeping an in-house staff. With established processes and adherence to industry standards, PhilWebServices has forged long term relationships with its clients, and have become true business partners in their growth and success.

I must say, PhilWebServices is still a work in progress. There is still so much to do. The past seven years have proven very challenging, yet fruitful. But it sure gives a sense of satisfaction that through this company, I was able to give young IT professional jobs and opportunity to further hone their skills.

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