A Bittersweet Win for Red Bull

When looking for some serious adrenaline pumping entertainment, you can definitely expect F1 races to deliver just that and so much more. The most recent race was held in Valencia, Spain and as expected it stirred quite an interest and commotion as F1 fans from all corners of the globe flocked to see yet another memorable race.

It was the second win for Sebastian Vettel for the season as he completed 57 laps ahead of Lewis Hamilton of McLaren. The latter was charged with a drive through penalty for passing the safety car. On the bright side of things, this season is turning out to be a very promising one for Red Bull and Vettel in particular.

However, a dark cloud loomed at the event following the horrific crash of Mark Webber that seemed to have hit him pretty hard. Webber somersaulted and flipped in midair when he ran into the back of Finn Heikki Kovalainen on lap 10. Needless to say, everyone was dumbfounded at the mishap but Webber fans can heave their respective sighs of relief as he later announced he is okay. It was definitely more entertainment that fans paid to watch for.

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